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The new foldable smartphones 2019

What’s about the new smartphones?

Many of the large tech companies revealed their new smartphones for 2019. It’s obvious that the foldable smartphones are the new hype.

Samsung and Huawei with the Galaxy Fold and the Made X are the start for the futuristic smartphone designs. Many of the smaller Chinese tech companies revealed their foldable smartphones too.

Let’s take a quick look at three of the new foldable smartphone. Is a foldable phone just a gadget or is it useful for daily usage?


Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung is one of the first companies which created a realistic foldable phone for any customer.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold consists of two separate displays. A small display is implemented in the front and a second one which is foldable is located inside of the smartphone. When the phone is closed you cannot use or see the foldable display. The big display opens like a page in a book.

Samsung has taken the camera from the S10 for the Galaxy Fold and the triple-camera on the is placed on the back of the smartphone.

The phone comes with a hefty price tag. The Galaxy Fold costs around 2000 euro / 2250 francs and isn’t in the budget for every customer.




Huawei Mate X

The Mate X is Huawei’s new foldable phone. The mobile phone was presented just one week after the Galaxy Fold.

The Huawei Mate X has a different design than the Galaxy Fold. The display of

the Mate X can be collapsed to make two small displays. The Mate X has very small edges for a foldable smartphone. The Mate X has a bigger display than the Galaxy Fold.

Like the Galaxy Fold, the Mate X has the latest high-quality technology built in.

The Huawei Mate X is an expensive product The smartphone costs over 2300 euro / 2600 francs.




Xiaomi Mi Fold

A Chinese technology company has announced a new foldable mobile phone on social media. It differs clearly from its competitors.

The design of the Xiaomi is very different from that of Huawei and Samsung. The Mi Fold has a foldable display with two folds. It folds in two places and has no real edges, only two curved display edges.

The placement of the camera is still unclear, as there is currently no real image with all the details of Xiaomi are not available at the moment.

However, the price should be much lower than the price of the Galaxy Fold and Mate X. The Mi Fold Smartphone will cost about 1000 euro / 1150 francs.